ISO - Certivication

headline-markerPD Dr. med. habil. Markus Pirlich

Clinical Advisor | Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery


Background and Position

PD Dr. med. habil Markus Pirlich studied at the Medical Faculty of Leipzig University from 10/2006 to 12/2012. From 01/2013 to 04/2018, he worked as an ENT assistant doctor at Leipzig University Hospital and then worked as a senior physician and ENT specialist. His research focuses on the digital operating theatre (OR.NET), implantable hearing systems, salivary gland diseases and plastic surgery. In 07/2023, he completed his habilitation on the topic: “Digitalization and standardization processes in the (ENT) operating theatre of the future” and since 06/2024, Dr. Pirlich has been working as a senior consultant and deputy clinic director at the ENT University Hospital Leipzig.