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12 June 2014

Dr. Stefan Bohn took part in this year’s International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI). With his poster contribution on the Treatment Planning Unit (TPU) he presented a convincing example of improvements in the quality of healthcare by the progress in medical informatics, there.

The interest of the international trade visitors was great, all the more the TPU has been used in the head and neck tumorboard at the Leipzig University Hospital since more than a year. It is continuously enhanced by the ICCAS. Dr. Bohn gladly answered all questions, also to inquiries about the transferability of the system to other clinical departments, such as urology or gynecology. Due to the generic design of the information system oncoflow (developed at ICCAS) the transferability has been part of the processing from the very beginning. A later application to other disciplines is quite possible.

The conference underscored the competitiveness of the ICCAS – research topics at international level. In the fields of data integration, interoperability and digital patient model ICCAS is at the fore. The developments not only seek better ways to handle complex information and data in healthcare, but also aim at the support of clinical diagnostics and treatment, through to decision- making processes.

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