ISO - Certivication

Project Coordination

Michael Unger


    University Hospital Leipzig, Department of Neurosurgery




CortexMap - Development of a novel transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) navigation system for efficient planning and evaluation of neurosurgical interventions, and optimal integration into the surgical workflow.

The aim of the CortexMap project is the development of a novel navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) system for non-invasive pre- and post-surgical mapping of the motor cortex of the brain of patients with brain tumors. The new system is expected to offer an efficient use in neurosurgery and to be optimally integrated into the surgical workflow.

For this purpose, necessary hardware components as well as new software functionalities will be developed. An electromyography device with 8 or 16 electrodes for the measurement of motor evoked potentials (MEP) will enable faster and more precise examinations. Functionalities to automatically adjust the intensity of the stimulation and post-process the MEP will lead to accurate mapping of the motor cortex. New visualization and data analysis features will support the surgeons for the interpretation of the measurements too.

Therefore, the monitoring of patients before and after surgical treatment with this new non-invasive and simple measurement system, will become more efficient for the benefit of the patient.