ISO - Certivication

Project Coordination

Reinhard Fuchs


    Fritz Stephan GmbH






Ventilation System with Electrical Impedance Imaging to monitor patient condition and to optimally ventilate the patient; Development of analysis algorithms and pre-clinical evaluation of the novel multi-modal ventilation system

A multi-modal ventilation system combined with an EIT measurement device will be developed to be used for temporary monitoring and automated ventilation of the patient. Vital parameters such as lung activity and lung volume will be measured. Additionally, a thorax belt integrates EIT-based imaging of the lung. The captured parameters are then mapped to an individual patient model and analyzed. Based on the development of these parameters, conclusions about the patient’s condition as well as prognoses are possible. If a critical condition is detected, for example caused by respiratory distress, the ventilation can be optimally adjusted based on ventilation profiles. Combined with the monitoring functionality, this allows for a complete and prompt communication with the physician. Due to the innovative and ambulant ventilation systems (Fritz Stephan GmbH), it is now possible to respond adaptively to changed lung parameters. The aim is to achieve the shortest possible ventilation periods with a concurrent improvement of the lung function. A lung-protective ventilation or an adapted weaning process support this and reduce the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury.