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Research Area

Model-based medicine and intelligent operating room

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth

Project Coordination

Dr. Max Rockstroh




    Advancing Individual Networks
    BMW Group
    DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH
    Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig)
    University Leipzig
    Kopernikus Automotive GmbH
    Stadt Leipzig
    Airport Leipzig/ Halle GmbH
    Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
    Technical University of Dresden


Trimodal 5G (Tri5G) pioneer region

The Trimodal 5G (Tri5G) pioneer region stands for a 5G research and testing network in the northern region of Leipzig. The focus is on a wide variety of use cases with a focus on logistics and public supply, which are tailored to the requirements of industry and public services.
“Trimodal” stands for both the road, rail and air transport modes addressed in the project and the potential user groups of the technology to be researched from science, industry and public administration.

The Tri5G model region addresses the research, testing and standardization of 5G-based services in public mobile networks, tailored to the requirements of industry and public services for regional as well as supraregional logistics use cases. The goal is to create a 5G research and test network in the northern region of Leipzig, which is characterized by logistics traffic and automobile production. This network can be used to test and evaluate professional industrial as well as governmental 5G communication services in a public mobile radio infrastructure and under real conditions.

In Tri5G, a concept is to be developed to conceptually capture the future-oriented possibilities of 5G technologies mainly in the automotive industry, express logistics, value-added logistics and public transport in the vicinity of Leipzig Airport. In doing so, 5G use cases of different main users are to be combined in a unified network to avoid isolated solutions.

The 11 partners are investigating different use cases in the areas of Connected Driving, Automated Drones and Tracking, Monitoring, IoT & Maintenance.
The ICCAS task is to integrate a connected ambulance into a public mobile network and to explore the use of edge computing via 5G.