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The Image-Guided Focused Ultrasound research unit deals with new image-guided procedures and therapeutic assistance systems in the non-invasive field. The focus is on the use of focused ultrasound (FUS) guided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRgFUS). A number of preclinical and clinical trials are investigating potential applications on various organs. Furthermore, research is being carried out on robot-assisted MRgFUS and interventional techniques in PET/MRI. A further research area is targeted drug delivery and radiation therapy via in vitro cell cultures as well as the investigation of the combined application of radiation therapy and FUS in cancers (Meta-ZIK SONORAY).

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headline-marker MR-Guided Interventions

Minimally invasive procedures are used for patient-friendly diagnosis and treatment, and are currently primarily performed using X-ray imaging. The MRI-Assisted Interventions research unit deals with the transfer of minimally invasive interventions into the environment of magnetic resonance imaging. In addition to improved soft tissue contrast, advantages include the absence of iodine-containing contrast agents and ionizing radiation. The project work includes developing innovative MR-compatible instruments and researching a suitable medical workflow that takes safety regulations, restricted patient access and communication in the MR environment into account.