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Since 2005, ICCAS has held regular courses at the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Computer Science at Universität Leipzig. The lectures and seminars provide an interdisciplinary view of computer-assisted surgery and offer students of medicine, computer science and engineering plenty of opportunities to find out more about this young, highly innovative area of research. The close links between research and teaching and the involvement of practical applications are designed to help junior academics broaden their qualifications and to encourage the introduction of computer-assisted surgical technology into clinical practice.

Actual courses

Young academics from the HTWK Leipzig University of Applied Sciences are also supported with courses in computer-assisted surgery. Teaching is aimed at students who are interested in the use of IT in surgery.

ICCAS suggests and supervises dissertations in computer-assisted surgery for BSc, MSc and PhD students, and offers placements to students of computer science and engineering.

Every year the Digital Operating Room Summer School (DORS) takes place at ICCAS. Here, interested parties from all over the world can extend their knowledge of developing surgical assistance systems for the modern operating room.

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