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headline-markerHyeon Ung Kim




Background and Position

With a dynamic blend of expertise in business IT and computer science, I am currently pioneering the field of medical computer science. My academic journey began with a Bachelor’s in Business IT, also known as Information Systems, followed by a Master’s in Computer Science. This unique combination of business acumen and technical proficiency has been the cornerstone of my diverse career.

My professional path commenced in the realm of online marketing, where I honed my skills in website design and development. I then ventured into varied sectors including banking, consulting, and software engineering, contributing significantly to each domain. My experience in software engineering is particularly noteworthy, having collaborated with diverse teams across esteemed organizations such as Nextbike, Spreadshirt, Deloitte, and various university faculties.

Currently, my focus is at the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence, with a passionate commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through these cutting-edge technologies. My goal is to leverage my extensive experience and skill set to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare industry, ultimately enhancing patient care and medical outcomes.