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The research activities at ICCAS are based on a close collaboration between the disciplines of medical computer science, engineering and medical surgery. We’ll be glad to receive applications from interested students within the field of computer assisted surgery. We recommend to visit this site regularly as we are trying to post job vacancies here as quickly as possible. The following choices are currently available:

Research Assistants

Offer as PDF – SHK (Medizin) im Bereich Unterstützung für die Therapie von Hypophysentumoren

Offer as PDF – Research Assistant with focus on Machine Learning / Data Mining

Offer as PDF – SHK/WHK ICCAS-Webseite

Bachelor or Master Theses in the field of Computer Assisted Surgery

Offer as PDF – EKG ElektrodenMonitoring

Offer as PDF – LSS Boundary Detection Machine Learning

Offer as PDF – LSS EIT Analysis Tool iPad

Offer as PDF – LSS Extended Live Wire

Offer as PDF – 3D-Fotografie für individuelle EIT-Messungen

Offer as PDF – Detektion der Aorta in EIT-Sequenzen

Offer as PDF – Segmentierung von CT-Bildern mit iPad

Offer as PDF – Marketingkonzept ICCAS

Offer as PDF – Modell zur klinischen Auswertung von Oberflächenfeuchtigkeitsmessungen

Offer as PDF – Mobile-elektronische-Patientenakte

Offer as PDF – Ultraschall (FUS) in Kombination mit Strahlentherapie (RT)

Offer as PDF – Entwicklung eines Algorithmus für Auswertung dynamischer Infrarotthermographie

Offer as PDF – Anästhesie im Demo-OP

Offer as PDF – Entwicklung eines Projektionssystems für intraoperative Visualisierung

Offer as PDF – Modellierung chirurgischer Prozesse

Offer as PDF – Simulation klinischer Prozesse

Offer as PDF – Entwicklung von Auswertemethoden für Messungen mittels Hyperspektralkamera

Offer as PDF – Entwicklung eines multimodalen Dokumentationssystems für integrierte Operationssäle

Offer as PDF – Entwicklung eines Systems zur konsistenten Steuerung von Lichtszenen im Demonstrator-OP

Internships in the field of Computer Assisted Surgery

Offer as PDF

Internships in the field of Digital Patient- and Process Model

Offer as PDF

Doctoral Theses (Medicine) in the field of Computer Assisted Surgery

Offer as PDF – 3D-Modelle des Brustkorbs aus CT-Bildern
Offer as PDF – EIT-Bildrekonstruktion mit komplexen Elektroden-Konfigurationen
more offers as PDF

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